• WordPress Sucks because …

    Here is my list of the Top 10 WordPress misconceptions, which I wrote as a poem in May 2015.

    Top 10 WordPress misconceptions

    Extensive research has allowed us to produce the Top 10 misconceptions about WordPress.

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    1. Just for blogs

    The people who think WordPress
    is only good for blogs
    Probably think that tails are
    only there for wagging dogs

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    2. Insecure

    WordPress isn’t insecure
    We patch it every day
    With 2-8-3 contributors
    to keep hackers at bay

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    3. Poor code since it’s free

    People think the code is poor
    Just because it’s free.
    But quality is not affected
    By the price of tea The quality of software
    Depends on many things
    The skills of you and me perhaps
    But not the count of chings

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    4. WordPress .org versus .com

    WordPress dot org and wp dot com
    Are really not the same
    Wp dot org’s a free for all
    Dot com defines the game

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    5. All look the same

    When you’ve seen one Wordpress site
    Then you’ve seen them all?
    There are more variations
    Than leaves that turn in fall

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    6. Ecommerce

    WordPress is no good they say
    To make an online shop
    But install Woo or EDD
    They’ll shop until they drop
    I’ve visited hundreds of sites
    That had a shopping cart
    And 55% of them
    Had WordPress at their heart

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    7. No future

    Some people think that since
    It’s free that it’ll go away
    I’ll tell you now there’s thousands
    Who’ll ensure that it will stay

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    8. Limited support

    So if your website fatals
    How do you get it back?
    There’s many support channels
    But don’t ask in core slack.

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    9. For beginners

    It’s easy to get started
    But how far can you go?
    Just ask “is there a limit?”
    The answer will be “No!”

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    10. Not scalable

    Two hundred millions visits
    In just over a week
    And on a really busy day
    5K per sec at peak

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    Those were the top 10 that I’ve found
    I’m sure there’s many more
    But each can be refuted
    Of that you can be sure

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    Some caveats for those who know… YES
    There is expensive hosting
    Plugins can make your website slow
    And SEO needs Yoasting.

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