Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are required for accessibility and for power users and developers. When attempting to implement an #fse-outreach-experiment we’re asked “Did it work using keyboard only”. In order to be able to answer this question we have to know what keys to use. Unfortunately the ability to view the keyboard shortcuts is not available in the Site Editor at present. This could just be a temporary glitch.

I’m going to try. I’ve been a mouse user for over 35 years, and a keyboard user for 45. I should be able to do this.

Perhaps I should disconnect my mouse while I perform this task.

I’ve failed at the first hurdle. How do I choose Edit page?

Display these keyboard shortcuts,Shift+Alt+H
Switch between visual editor and code editor,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M
Toggle fullscreen mode,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F
Open the block list view,Shift+Alt+O
Show or hide the settings sidebar,Ctrl+Shift+,
Navigate to the next part of the editor,Ctrl+`,Shift+Alt+N
Navigate to the previous part of the editor,Ctrl+Shift+backtick,Shift+Alt+P
Navigate to the nearest toolbar,Alt+F10
Save your changes,Ctrl+S
Undo your last changes,Ctrl+Z
Redo your last undo,Ctrl+Shift+Z
Select all text when typing; Press again to select all blocks,Ctrl+A
Clear selection,escape
Duplicate the selected block(s),Ctrl+Shift+D
Remove the selected block(s),Shift+Alt+Z
Insert a new block before the selected block(s),Ctrl+Alt+T
Insert a new block after the selected block(s),Ctrl+Alt+Y
Remove multiple selected blocks,del,backspace
Move the selected block(s) up,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T
Move the selected block(s) down,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Y
Change the block type after adding a new paragraph,/
Make the selected text bold,Ctrl+B
Make the selected text italic,Ctrl+I
Convert the selected text into a link,Ctrl+K
Remove a link,Ctrl+Shift+K
Underline the selected text,Ctrl+U



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