Planned Enhancements

Some components of FSE will be delivered in WordPress 5.8

Others will come later, in WordPress 5.9 and beyond.

The major things that are missing or need improvement:

  1. Some blocks need improving for use in the real world;
    • Query,
    • Post hierarchical terms,
    • Page list
    • Post comments
  2. Some blocks are missing. eg Post-edit
  3. Really useful patterns
  4. Custom styling using only Global styles.
  5. Ability to export theme.json
  6. Ability to create all template types from the Site Editor
  7. Out of the box FSE theme import after export.
  8. Internationalization and localization of templates and template parts.


Full Site Editing Go/No Go: Next steps

WordPress Roadmap


Page List

Page Tree ( shortcode )

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