What this site is about…

Hi, I’m Herb, this site is built with my third Full Site Editing theme called ThisIs…

I created it to try to explain Full Site Editing in WordPress in a presentation entitled

“A guide to Full Site Editing, blocks and themes”.

The original presentation was expected to take no more than an hour.

For WordCamp Europe 2021 I gave a short tour of Full Site Editing (FSE) with an overview of

  • how to get started
  • the components of the Site Editor
  • example templates and template parts
  • some of the blocks used to create FSE themes
  • example themes
  • a very few code samples
  • some answers to FAQs
  • how to become involved
  • and many links to other resources

There’s more content in this website, and the resources it links to, than you can cram into an hour.

So, if you’re just browsing, then pick the bits you’re interested in.

Otherwise, have a go at navigating the page hierarchy in the sidebar.

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