This website is about WordPress Full Site Editing. It was created in order to produce a short video for a talk entitled “A guide to Full Site Editing, blocks and themes”.

The site was developed using the Gutenberg plugin and a Full Site Editing theme called This Is…

Every now and then I took a screenshot to show the current status of the site. The idea was then when spliced together it should show just about everything that Full Site Editing encompasses, from grass roots to a fully built website.

The first version of the video was pretty horrible. It was a Slideshow of over 50 screenshots. It demonstrated the good, bad and ugly of Full Site Editing. But didn’t wasn’t informative. The screenshots can be viewed in Screenshots.

I then created a shorter video with a simple message. See FSE is … Herb Miller

The Sitemap page should also contain everything that could be covered in an “all you ever wanted to know about Full Site Editing, but were afraid to ask” presentation.

There are three main categories of posts:

  1. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Full Site Editing or the Full Site Editor
  2. Code FAQs – FAQs which are more technical
  3. FSE is… – Quotable replies to “What is Full Site Editing?”


  • This site was initially developed in April 2021, before any parts of FSE made it into WordPress core.
  • Some of the screenshots that were taken with Gutenberg 10.4.1 were already out of date when I took the new screenshots for the shorter video with Gutenberg 10.5.3.
  • Gutenberg 10.6, delivered on 12th May, was the version used for the WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup’s presentation video.
  • Gutenberg 10.7.x is the version destined for WordPress 5.8 ( July ).
  • Gutenberg 10.8.0.ccyymmdd indicates use of the Gutenberg-nightly build of plugin.
  • and there’ll be many more versions between then and WordPress 5.9 ( December ).
  • The FSE project extends into 2022 and beyond.

Quite a few things are expected to change between now and then.


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