What does the dot next to Update mean?

Question: Every now and then I see a dot next to Publish or Update. What does it mean?

Answer: There’s a non-post entity update that will be saved when you publish or update.

Here’s a pretty naff simulation using similar CSS to that found in Gutenberg. I’ve put a red period with a green border that appears in front of the button.

Steps to recreate

  • Start a new post
  • Insert a reusable block
  • Change the reusable block
Using dotty classname change the styling for the dot that appears..dotty::before,
.editor-post-publish-button__button.has-changes-dot::before {
        border-radius: 4px;
        content: ".";
        height: 8px;
        margin: auto 5px auto -3px;
        width: 8px;
border: 2px solid  green;
color: red;

Current status

The presence of this dot was discussed during Open Floor at the #core-editor meeting on 16th June.

It’s likely that the dot will be removed in a future version of WordPress.

I also noted some other issues related to Reusable blocks.

  1. The inability to insert a reusable block using the block inserter in Site Editor.
  2. Strange display when a reusable block is moved around an image
  3. A block producing an error after a certain manipulation.

Before raising issues I need to be able to reproduce each of these problems using Gutenberg and/or WordPress 5.8 with a default theme – TT1 blocks or just Twenty Twenty One.

The error…

Uncaught Error: An error occurred while running 'mapSelect': Cannot read property 'title' of undefined
The error may be correlated with this previous error:
TypeError: Cannot read property 'title' of undefined

This is a known bug wordpress/gutenberg#29498 with a fix provided in wordpress/gutenberg#32088

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