Call #7: Polished portfolios

Today I attempted the #fse-outreach-program‘s call for testing #7: Polished portfolios.

Note: There’s another tag for FSE outreach stuff: #fse-outreach-experiment. This is also the name of the Slack channel on wordpress.slack.com.

As I performed the test I came across a couple of issues. I wasn’t sure if they’d been reported.

Paragraph toolbar loses rich text buttons

The first one is where the Paragraph toolbar loses the rich text buttons, just after selecting the text make into a link. I mentioned it to Anne McCarthy and she said “Raise an issue”, but first I have to reproduce it in TT1 blocks with just Gutenberg activated.

Unexpected navigation with single-post template on pages

The second was when I was creating a custom template for posts where I didn’t want a featured image. I created a template called single-post-no-featured-image, based on single-post.

I tried assigning it to the Portfolio page that I was creating and noticed that the navigational part of both the single-post and single-post-no-featured-image templates appeared differently for Pages and Posts.

Page with single-post.html template

The problem with this is that the sb-prevnext-block is now displaying output, which appears to the left of the Breadcrumbs block. I think this was an experiment to see if the Prev and Next blocks worked for Pages as well as posts. I really should complete the experiment.

Template parts need configuring

When you’re creating a new template, for each existing template part that you insert, you have to remember to set the same attributes for the template part as used in other templates.

Attributes that will need setting include the Width and Colours.

Template editor crash

I also had a problem when the Template editor crashed completely. I’d reduced the height of the spacers that had been used in the offset pattern that I’d chosen to display two sets of posts alternating left and right. I’d reduced the spacing from 200 to 90 pixesl. And added my Post edit block.

Post Edit block
Post edit block to allow direct editing of the post

Then I wanted to group the post blocks in the query loops to add a border. I’d selected the post blocks I wanted to group and the editor encountered an error, leading to WSOD.

I’ll have to repeat the changes to see if I can get it to crash again. Then repeat the experiment to discover the steps to reproduce the problem using TT1 blocks and Gutenberg only.

The problem is related to the Post Edit block. I’ve raised an issue: bobbingwide/sb-post-edit-block#2

The latest problem is that I can’t edit the Template. The Edit link is missing.

I’ve not seen this before today! When I changed the template to Default template then the Edit link appeared.

I wondered if this was something to do with the custom template needing to be defined in theme.json in order for it to appear as editable?

If so, why can’t I edit the 404, but I can edit the archive-demo template?

I reproduced the problem with TT1 blocks, not being able to edit the 404 template, then demonstrated it occurring when I created 4 new templates.

I raised wordpress/gutenberg#32646