Why is this website so ugly?

Question: This isn’t the prettiest theme is it? Why’s that?

Answer: This is a work in progress. It demonstrates the current capabilities of the Site Editor when put in the hands of a developer, not a designer.

Given more time, and a certain amount of inclination, I’m sure the look and feel can be improved ten fold.


  • The site has evolved very quickly
  • The theme’s components ( templates and template parts ) have been extended to accomodate the requirements.
  • I’ve had to alter the behaviour of some blocks
  • And write others that were missing.
  • The theme’s had to be altered each time Gutenberg was updated.
  • which recently involed switching from experimental-theme.json to theme.json
  • Styling has fallen by the wayside.

For some great examples of what can be achieved with Gutenberg Justin Tadlock’s “It is time for WordPress theme authors to step up their block pattern game” ( WP Tavern )..

Can I do better?

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