What is the size of the FSE project?

Question: What is the size of the FSE project?

Answer: It’s pretty huge. Here are some statistics.

Measurement Current value Where to find out more
Project duration “We’re about 2 years into a 10 year project.” cite. Matt Mullenweg Watch the Demo Site Editor video
Gutenberg releases Over 100 of the main plugin GitHub WordPress/Gutenberg
Contributors Over 1,000 Over 750 have contributed code directly to the GitHub repository. Many others have performed other contributor roles. See How do I become a contributor?
FSE Testers Over 300 #fse-outreach-experiment
Active installations 300,000+ Gutenberg plugin on
Plugin size 7.4 MB 76% JavaScript, 9% PHP
FSE themes not that many yet. 5 on See Which themes are being migrated?
Blocks Over 170 Gutenberg blocks at
Some stats as of 8th May 2021

The source code for Gutenberg is over 11 times the size of the first version of WordPress

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