How are agencies and theme shops preparing?

Question: How are WordPress based agencies and theme development shops preparing to deliver FSE themes?

Answer: Momentum is gathering.

Responses to date:

From Ben Gillbanks, professional theme developer

In terms of how I, as a theme shop, am preparing. I’m not doing much at the moment. I’ve spent some time learning how to build blocks, and now I am waiting for more information on the best practices for building themes. I think the next WordPress release, with the inclusion of FSE will be very interesting and maybe then I can start thinking about FSE themes properly.

From Anne McCarthy, Developer Relations Wrangler.

I’d say

From Tom de Visser

I’m working at an agency and we want to build websites that last at least 4-5 years, so we are looking for the right moment to switch to Gutenberg. Not ending up rebuilding hundreds of sites within 1-2 years because it isn’t stable enough, but also not starting too late when the old editor gets deprecated.

From WPMarmite’s 127-Shop Full Site Editing study

From a smaller group of 22 of the 127 theme shops, those that offer custom Gutenberg blocks,

  • 86% of these theme shops believe that Full Site Editing is a breakthrough for WordPress users.
  • 22% of them are working on a FSE-ready theme.
  • Only 9% are contributing to the development of FSE.

For details see Full Site Editing Study: Will WordPress theme shops embrace this new paradigm?

See also WP Tavern’s comments on the study which also digs into the very low number of theme shops providing block patterns ( 3% of 127 ).

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