What are the requirements / scope for FSE?

Question: What are the requirements and scope of Full Site Editing?

Answer: Full Site Editing is part of a long term strategy, with four phases.

The Four Phases of Gutenberg

  1. Easier Editing — Already available in WordPress, with ongoing improvements
  2. Customization — Full Site editing, Block Patterns, Block Directory, Block based themes
  3. Collaboration — A more intuitive way to co-author content
  4. Multi-lingual — Core implementation for Multi-lingual sites

We’re currently in Phase 2. Parts of FSE will be in WordPress 5.8, more in WordPress 5.9

The development work is done on the Gutenberg plugin in GitHub. There you’ll find Projects, Issues, Pull Requests as well as the code and developer documentation.

It’s not particularly easy to find the detailed requirements for a specific component.


WordPress Roadmap

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