FSE is… Herb Miller

Full Site Editing is… a new way to express yourself.

Herb Miller.

Watch this short video ( 1 mins 43 seconds ). Full Site Editing is all this and more.


  1. Imagine being able to build a complete website
  2. either from scratch
  3. or from a quality approved theme,
  4. using just one tool.
  5. Create a professional looking site,
  6. displayed the way you need it.
  7. with your own designs for header, footer, menus and widgets
  8. and dynamic content,
  9. No expensive developer,
  10. no upfront costs and
  11. no yearly licence fees.
  12. Modify the theme you love
  13. without any programming,
  14. using build components anybody can use.
  15. Hand build your site using blocks
  16. or copy and adapt curated design patterns.
  17. There are hundreds to choose from.
  18. Create and structure your own templates and template parts
  19. to display your content the way you want it.
  20. So that what you see is what your visitors get
  21. Lovingly developed by hundreds,
  22. tested by thousands,
  23. used by millions,
  24. and reaching a global audience of billions…
  25. this is not just editing
  26. this is Full Site Editing

FSE is… rewording the above

  • A tool
  • To build WordPress websites
  • All parts of websites including:
    • header
    • footer
    • menus
    • widgets
    • and dynamic content
  • Free to use
  • Currently being developed
  • Available today as a plugin
  • Being integrated into WordPress core
  • A transition
  • etcetera

© Copyright Herb Miller, Bobbing Wide 2021