Full Site Editing is… Block Editor Handbook

At the highest level, the vision of Full Site Editing is to provide a collection of features that bring the familiar experience and extendability of blocks to all parts of your site rather than just post and pages. You can think of Full Site Editing as the umbrella project name for various sub-projects within Gutenberg that make this vision possible. Projects under Full Site Editing (FSE) include the Site Editor, Global Styles, numerous Site/Post/Page specific blocks, Query block, Navigation block, Templates, and block themes.

Block Editor Handbook / Getting started / Full Site Editing

This is a direct extract from the Block Editor Handbook.

Let’s just reword it.

Full Site Editing is a vision.

It extends the block editor to all parts of your site.

Sub-projects include:

  • The Site Editor
  • Global Styles
  • Numerous Site/Post/Page specific blocks
  • Query block
  • Navigation block
  • Templates
  • Block themes

Now, if I’ve structured it correctly I should be able to convert each of the above to links.


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