What are the keyboard shortcuts?

n Display these keyboard shortcuts,Shift+Alt+H
n Switch between visual editor and code editor,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M
n Toggle fullscreen mode,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F
y Toggle the block list view,Shift+Alt+O
n Show or hide the settings sidebar,Ctrl+Shift+,
n Navigate to the next part of the editor,Ctrl+`,Shift+Alt+N
n Navigate to the previous part of the editor,Ctrl+Shift+backtick,Shift+Alt+P
n Navigate to the nearest toolbar,Alt+F10
n Save your changes,Ctrl+S
y Undo your last changes,Ctrl+Z
y Redo your last undo,Ctrl+Shift+Z
y hmm Select all text when typing; Press again to select all blocks,Ctrl+A
y Clear selection,escape
n Duplicate the selected block(s),Ctrl+Shift+D  -Bookmark all tabs
n Remove the selected block(s),Shift+Alt+Z
n Insert a new block before the selected block(s),Ctrl+Alt+T
n Insert a new block after the selected block(s),Ctrl+Alt+Y
n Remove multiple selected blocks,del,backspace
n Move the selected block(s) up,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T
n Move the selected block(s) down,Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Y
y Change the block type after adding a new paragraph,/
y Make the selected text bold,Ctrl+B
y Make the selected text italic,Ctrl+I
y Convert the selected text into a link,Ctrl+K - when available
y Remove a link,Ctrl+Shift+K
y Underline the selected text,Ctrl+U

WIBNI – you could transform a table to CSV and vice-versa ?

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