Call #5 – Query quest – keyboard only

For the WordPress #fse-outreach-experiment call number 5 the quest was to use the Query block. One of the feeback questions was “Did it work using Keyboard only?”. If you watch both of these videos you’ll come to the conclusion that it didn’t. I did achieve it once, but that was off camera.

My current conclusion is that the keyboard support is less than satisfactory.

Remember that I am a sighted user. I am an extremely experienced user and developer of Gutenberg. Some keyboard interactions work fine. I use them every day. But this tabbing about backwards and forwards or using the up/down or left/right keys is going to take a lot more learning before I become proficient.

Take 1

This video recording shows me trying to complete call number 5 for the WordPress #fse-outreach-experiment, using only the keyboard interface.

I have to complete 9 steps from 7 to 15.

  1. Remove exising query block
  2. Add a columns block with 2 columns
  3. In column 1 add a heading “Issues”
  4. In column 1 add a query block
  5. Disable Inherit query from URL
  6. Customise to show posts in the “Issues” category
  7. Customise …
  8. Repeat 9 to 13 for column 2
  9. View your site

I nearly completed the task. I failed in the penultimate step to actually save the changes.

Not having the keyboard shortcuts crib sheet probably hindered the process. I’ve printed off the keyboard shortcuts and will have another go.

Take 2

For the WordPress #fse-outreach-experiment Call #5 – Query Quest I recorded my attempts to follow the instructions using only my keyboard. I’d almost completed the task in take 1, except for the final Save and view. After swatting up on the keyboard shortcuts, where I determined only about half of them worked in the Site Editor, I did manage to complete the task. But I didn’t record that session.

In take 2, I tried again. This time I was thwarted by being unable to get to the Settings panel to edit the Query block’s attributes. I gave up before I was half way through the task. I think you’ll agree that this is pretty unsatisfactory.


#fse-outreach-experiment Call #5: Query Quest

Keyboard shortcuts

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