Pagination in shortcodes not working again

2. Question 2 is good and true
and doesn't cost a dime
"Do you really think it worked
when you ran it last time?"


My logic for pagination in shortcodes doesn’t work again.

  • It was fine in WordPress 4.0
  • It got broken in WordPress 4.1
  • I developed a workaround
  • And raised TRAC 30831
  • It was fixed in WordPress 4.1.1
  • or so we thought
  • You can page forward and dot about the pagination links
  • But if you revisit the first page, the links stop working


I haven’t found one yet; apart from reverting to WordPress 4.1 and continuing to use my workaround.

Action taken

I’ve just raised TRAC 31939 as a direct follow on to TRAC 30831.

Update – later in the day – 9th April

  • Workaround developed for the oik base plugin
  • Released as oik v2.5-beta.0409
  • TRAC updated with the solution

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