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"What have I done?"

I recently made a significant change to how I build the API reference for WordPress on my WordPress API Reference. I used to parse WordPress core on all the subdomains in the WordPress Multi Site network. Now it’s only parsed in

I used to have the domain parked on After the rebuild I didn’t want to get redirected to develop any more since this no longer contained the API Reference for WordPress core.

So I tried to change the redirection to go to

I fiddled with the redirects in .htaccess – both manually and using cPanel but try as I might I couldn’t stop it redirecting.

Today, I thought more about how it used to work. Before WordPress something or another I’d used a plugin called WPMU Domain Mapping. When the functionality I neeeded became available in WordPress I deactivated the plugin. I didn’t complete the removal process. I forgot to remove the following line from wp-config.php.

And I’d also left sunrise.php in the wp-contents folder.

So, even though the plugin was deactivated the domain mapping logic was still doing its thing.

I resolved that issue, cleared my browser cache, and this time I ended up at

But it still wasn’t quite what I expected. I was redirected to

And that was because I had another line in wp-config.php, which was there to redirect anyone trying to visit a non-existent subdomain.


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