Step 18 – Research

The Askee knows that nowadays
it doesn't cost that mu(r)ch
to choose some words then type in
your best long tail Google search


Problem Solving is so much easier than it was in the 80’s and early 90’s. If you have a problem with Open Source code, and you’ve got some form of a message, there is a good chance that someone else has already seen the problem and has documented a solution.

Beware of the terrible answers that don’t help at all. If you’re lucky you’ll find an answer that explains the problem in detail and offers a good solution. If you’re not then I suggest you keep looking.

I once created a short video of a problem for which I never found a solution. In the video I didn’t say that I hadn’t found a solution.

Someone commented that my video wasn’t helpful. I agree. It wasn’t helpful to someone with the same problem. But it did clearly demonstrate the problem, which was my intention.

Or you could get bogged down with just too many answers. In this case always try to improve your search to remove the false positives.

If your memory is not what it used to be the chances are high that you’ll find your own solution to the a similar problem you’d analysed previously.


Example problems