Step 17 – Askee’s questions

There are a few more questions.  
Well, slightly more than three.
but let's now shift and look at
those we get from the Askee


We’ve looked at six numbered questions out of the 10 documented in the Asker‘s question list.

  1. Has it ever worked?
  2. Did it actually work last time?
  3. What have you done?
  4. Did you actually change the program?
  5. Are you running the program you thought you’d changed?
  6. Are you looking at the right output?
  7. Have you changed the inputs?
  8. Does the code match the comments; if not, which is wrong?
  9. Is it repeatable;  if not, give up until it is?
  10. Are you sure it’s not working?

Now it’s time to look at some that an Askee might pose. The Askee knows less about the problem than you. You involve them since they know about problem solving. They may look outside of the box.


Example problems