PHPHants – 8th January 2020


So you’re writing code, having peer reviews and testing it. And it all works fine. Then one day it doesn’t do what you expected. Now what?

Problem Solving:

The top 10 questions to ask when something doesn’t work.
… in 32 easy steps.

What do you mean you’ve never worked in base 32 before?
You’ve used base64_encode haven’t you?


Herb’s been developing software and debugging bugs for over 40 years.

Throughout the first 30 he wasn’t aware of any list of problem solving questions. So he wrote one. The list first appeared publicly in September 2009. It was revised and resurfaced in November 2013. Repackaged as “Problem Solving” it was first presented as a Lightning Talk at WordCamp Bournemouth. 

Call to action:

Come along to silently nod in agreement as Herb states the blindingly obvious.

Or maybe you’d care to share your experience.

Or let us know how your list is different; either during the talk or at the social. 

Other notes:

I hope to present this talk at PHPHants’ meeting in January 2020. Lee, Joel, Charlotte, Michal – please consider this as my speaker submission.

  • Speaker: Herb Miller
  • Duration: 20 minutes or less
  • Audience participation: We’ll see
  • Prizes: Maybe
  • Requires: HDMI connection to overhead projector, wi-fi or local installation
  • Handouts: Most likely.
  • Preview: This website.