Speaker notes


WordPress, WooCommerce, EDD, Jetpack figures

debug output to screen

Inline documentation of PHP code

About me


The story so far


Problem determination – debugging

Plugins used

WordPress startup

custom post types and custom fields

About WordPress

Size of the problem

Debug bar plugin

WordPress start up – worked example

Performance – does it matter

API documentation should cover

Plugins and APIs

I’m doing it wrong

My development environment

Backtrace log

AND then you see…

Dynamic documentation

docBlock analysis

Could do better

The problems I am trying to solve

Performance: so what bothers you?

Performance: does it matter part 2

Where can we get that from?

The implementation

API parsing

Further reading

Targets achieved?

Performance: a potential solution


Final uppity API documentation

Call tree

The out takes



HELP WANTED – How to cater for PHP Warnings?

Performance – conclusion

hooks and filters



Table of Contents

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