I’m doing it wrong

New “doing it wrong”s

  • My code contain(s/ed) duplicated functions
  • Don’t define a constant that’s already defined
  • getopt() requires global $argc and $argv
  • Appending content and nested shortcode expansion may not mix
  • I don’t make enough use of theming

Doing it wrong’s I already knew about

  • Misconception: Programming guidelines don’t apply to me.
  • Misconception: I have no need for OO.
  • Even though I’m an oik and DOS a lot, I’m not into git nor vagrant.
  • I’m like a child with a new toy; I’ll play with it until I break it. Then I don’t tell anyone.
  • Opinion: Dynamically generated functions are more appropriate than action and hooks filters.
  • Not everyone develops code with just one <?php per file