oik_fields_init() – Implement “oik_loaded” action for oik-fields

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Implement "oik_loaded" action for oik-fields

Loads the required include files from the oik base plugin then invokes the "oik_fields_loaded" action Plugins dependent upon oik-fields should implement the "oik_fields_loaded" action rather than "oik_loaded" For performance reasons plugins which are only responsible for formatting fields for display or form input should wait for other actions before they load their code: "oik_pre_theme_field" – load functions used to display fields "oik_pre_form_field" – load functions used to create form fields Notes:

  • In oik-fields version 1.18 the bw_theme_field() function was implemented in the wrong place.
  • In version 1.19 we deliver the include file ( includes/bw_fields.inc ) in both oik and oik-fields, expecting to load it from the oik base plugin.
  • In version 1.40 and oik v2.3 we're still delivering the file in two places.
  • In version 1.50, dependent upon oik v3.2.1, we'll use the shared library file "bw_fields"







File name: oik-fields/oik-fields.php

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function oik_fields_init() {
  if ( oik_fields_check_oik_version() ) {
    oik_require( "includes/bw_register.php" );
    oik_require( "includes/bw_metadata.php" );
    oik_require_lib( "bw_fields" );
  } else {
    oik_require( "includes/bw_register.inc" ); // Yes, we know it's deprecated
    oik_require( "bw_metadata.inc" ); // Yes, we know it's deprecated
    oik_require( "includes/bw_fields.inc" ); // Yes, we know it's deprecated
  $path = oik_path( "shortcodes/oik-fields.php", "oik-fields" );
  bw_add_shortcode( 'bw_field', 'bw_field', oik_path( "shortcodes/oik-field.php", "oik-fields"));
  bw_add_shortcode( 'bw_fields', 'bw_metadata', $path, false );
  bw_add_shortcode( 'bw_new', 'bw_new', oik_path( "shortcodes/oik-new.php", "oik-fields" ), false);
  bw_add_shortcode( 'bw_related', 'bw_related', oik_path( "shortcodes/oik-related.php", "oik-fields" ), false ); 
  bw_add_shortcode( 'bw_group', 'bw_group', oik_path( "shortcodes/oik-group.php", "oik-fields" ), false );
  add_action( "bw_metadata", "oik_fields_bw_metadata" );
  add_action( "oik_fields_loaded", "oik_fields_oik_fields_loaded", 9 );
  add_filter( "oik_shortcode_atts", "oik_fields_shortcode_atts", 10, 3 );
  ///add_filter( 'no_texturize_shortcodes', "oik_fields_no_texturize_shortcodes" );
  //remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wptexturize' );
   * Inform plugins that oik-fields has been loaded
   * Some plugins may choose to defer their initialization until they know that oik-fields is active.
  do_action( 'oik_fields_loaded' );