bw_field_function() – Return the field function to invoke

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Return the field function to invoke

Returns the function to invoke to format the field

A Field Other atts Notes
T Title This is NOT a link
I Image thumbnail=
F Featured image thumbnail= Currently same as I-Image
C Content
E Excerpt
R Read more readmore= block – using art_button
M Read more readmore= inline – class “bw_more”
L Link
A Attachment(s) Display links to Attachments
/ div Dummy

space Add a  
c categories post categories only
o comments
t tags post tags only
a author
d date
e edit
_ Fields fields= only works when oik-fields enabled

Future use?

  • ! span Americans know this as bang, sounds like span
  • + span Dummy <span></span>
  • span
  • $ Price
  • ? Caption For attachments
  • S Status Displays the post_status
  • Y tYpe Displays the post_type
  • P Parent Displays the post_parent as a link
  • B block Creates an Artisteer block
  • , separator reserved for field name separator when the full field names are used

Characters we can't use, since these would mess up the shortcode logic:

  • = ' " [ ]
  • </code>


bw_field_function( $abbrev );


( mixed ) required




File name: oik/includes/

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function bw_field_function( $abbrev ) {
  $fields = _bw_field_functions();
  $function = bw_array_get( $fields, $abbrev, "bw_field_function_undefined" );
  return( $function );

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