This website contains a talk prepared for PHPHants November 2013 entitled

I’m probably doing it wrong.

Subtitled: One man’s experiences with PHP and WordPress

The theme of this talk will be:

developing dynamic documentation for WordPress plugins, APIs and hooks.

With some live demonstration and using real examples, drawn from my experiences, this talk will attempt to explain how I’ve gone about developing, documenting, delivering and supporting the oik suite of WordPress plugins.

The recent addition of code to associate APIs to action and filter hooks nicely dovetails with the release of WordPress 3.7, which now includes in-line documentation for action and filter hooks.

BUT the project is probably never ending… there will always be areas of improvement.

AND I’ve been developing my solution on my own, not collaborating on GitHub.

So you’ve guessed it…

I’m probably doing it wrong


Visit the Table of Contents to see what’s currently in the list of Presentation pages. This TOC may also be displayed in the sidebar. The actual presentation didn’t cover the Appendices.

Challenges not yet addressed

  • OO classes and methods
  • Inline HTML and immediately executed code
  • Parsing WordPress core
  • Documenting themes

Post Script – June 2014

Regarding the challenges not yet addressed:

  • Support for OO classes and methods was added in oik-shortcodes v1.11 ( May 2014 )
  • Support for inline HTML and immediately executed code was added in v1.15
  • WordPress core was parsed on 31st May, 2014. See wp-a2z.com
  • Theme support is under active development

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