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Celebrating four years of Bobbing Wide 
Celebrating four years of Bobbing Wide
 Date: October 9, 2013

Just over four years ago, October 2009, Herb Miller retired from IBM and started working on his new project Bobbing Wide. This is a brief history of achievements to date.


A few random examples of sites we’ve developed

WordPress websites

WordPress MultiSite sites


Bobbing Wide have published eight plugins on WordPress.org.

Over 35 others are available from oik-plugins.com And we’ve developed some pretty fancy bespoke plugins too.


Bobbing Wide have built over 200 bespoke WordPress and Drupal themes using Artisteer. Since the completion of the oik-themes plugin we’ve been making some of them available on oik-plugins.


Each website we’ve developed has required a mixture of commonly used information as well as unique content requirements. Starting with the oik base plugin ( for OIK Information Kit ) we’ve created over 100 advanced shortcodes. Some examples, used in this post and the widgets (header, sidebar, footer): [bw_pages] [bw_list] [bw_thumbs] [bw_css] [bw_plug] [bw_code] [div] [ediv] [bw_follow_me] [bw_contact_form]


Bobbing Wide now have multiple websites providing a range of services

Drupal blog
technical support
WordPress blog

Chronology – milestones

the story so far...

Oct 2009 – Herb Miller retired from IBM Mar 2010 – Bobbing Wide open for business: static, hand crafted websites built with PHP, HTML and CSS May 2010 – www.bobbingwidewebdesign.com WordPress blog goes live. Jun 2010 – bw API started – as Drupal custom module and WordPress plugin ( bwapi ) Jun 2010 – first Drupal site with an Artisteer theme Jul 2010 – first eCommerce site with Drupal and Ubercart Jul 2010 – first WordPress site Dec 2010 – oik-plugins.com website created Jan 2011 – published first plugin on WordPress.orgoik v0.1 Oct 2011 – set up wp-pompey Apr 2012 – oik-nivo-slider on WordPress.org May 2012 – cookie-cat plugin and cookie-cat server Aug 2012 – oik-plugins server for delivering FREE and premium WordPress plugins Jun 2012 – first oik theme – oobit – developed for WordCamp UK 2012 Jul 2012 – WordCamp UK 2012 presentation – Lazy smart shortcodes Feb 2013 – bobbing wide tech support for cPanel, Webmail and WordPress support documentation Jun 2013 – oik v2.0 released to WordPress.org Aug 2013 – Bobbing Wide contributed to WordPress 3.6 Aug 2013 – oik-themes server trial on oik-plugins.co.uk Sep 2013 – oik-nivo-slider v1.9 on WordPress.org Oct 2013 – facelift for oik-plugins.com, oik-themes server goes live Oct 2013 – www.bobbingwide.com migrated to WordPress Multisite